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Perfect Picnic has everything you need for a family day at the beach, a romantic sunset bike ride, or a last minute cocktail party.  Perfect Picnic’s conveniently located Commercial Street shops offer high quality cheeses, cured and fresh meats, breads and pastries, beverages, beer, wine, and all the accouterments under the Cape Cod sun. We have sourced local products whenever possible to re-imagine and elevate picnic classics and used our global influences to create new favorites.


Pop into the shop, choose one of our Grab & Go individual or group picnic options, browse the menu and the shelves to fill your own basket, or call ahead and let us help you create the perfect spread for any occasion.


Our aesthetic is beautiful and simple, reflecting our belief and commitment to making sophisticated snacks simple: simple to buy, and simple to eat. Fun, fast and fabulous!

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Baguettini — ba’get/ini  


Our signature Baguettini sandwiches bring the “perfect bite” at your fingertips! Proprietary 5” mini-baguettes are carefully crafted with a wide variety of delicious ingredients. Why be tied down to one type of sandwich? Try two or three Baguettinis and find your favorite flavor combinations! Or order by the dozen to feed a crowd! (2).jpg
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