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Perfect Picnic P-Town’s owner Mark Mitchell brings a lifelong passion for food and travel home to Provincetown. Mark shares this passion with one of his oldest friends, Perfect Picnic founder and Cape Cod native, Wendy Weston, who has been serving up picnic experiences in New York City since 2011.


This year, Mark dialed back his career as an international elite figure skating coach to spend less time on the ice and more time in Provincetown, where he and his husband, Peter have owned a home for over 20 years.


After a decade of being a picnic advisor and happily volunteering to taste test, Mark decided to open Perfect Picnic P-Town, working with Wendy to tailor the business especially for Provincetown. They have curated an exciting menu and pantry selection designed to suit the Provincetown lifestyle, aesthetic, and demand for high quality.


Mark is thrilled to be bringing the Perfect Picnic experience to local residents and visitors and become a vital and delicious addition to this already magical community.

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